Philly Repeat Offender Arrested For Murder

Following a six-month manhunt, U.S. Marshals arrested 20-year-old Halim Evans and 29-year-old Jamel King for the September 2022 murder of a pregnant teen.  KYW News reports that on September 11, a car was identified on a security camera following two girls walking a dog in a Philadelphia suburb at 9:p.m.  The video shows one of the men exiting the car and stalking the girls then eventually opening fire.  17-year-old Teryn Johnson was hit in the chest and died later in the hospital.  She was nine weeks pregnant.  Police have not determined whether the suspects knew either girl.  Jamal King had prior drug, gun and assault convictions, and probation violations at the time of the murder.  He was recently sentenced to two years in prison for the gun and assault crimes but was released early after serving a few months.  Following his election in 2018, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner implemented policies to seek the lowest sentences for criminals he chose to prosecute in order to achieve social justice.  The pregnant teen’s murder constitutes collateral damage in pursuit of that higher goal.  A recent poll by the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that 90% of respondents said that crime was the top priority.

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