The Gulf Cartel Factions In Tamaulipas

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Video translation is as follows:

Female Reporter: The Gulf Cartel is considered the main instigator of violence in Tamaulipas. Its five criminal cells cover the main municipalities of the state. And it maintains a territorial dispute with other criminal organizations such as the Northeast Cartel, Los Zetas Vieja Escuela, and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

The faction accused of murdering the 4 Americans kidnapped on Friday in Matamoros call themselves Los Escorpiones based in Matamoros. But their operation extends to Reynosa, Rio Bravo, Valle Hermoso, San Fernando, and Ciudad Victoria.

This faction of the Gulf Cartel, made up of former police and military officers, was formed between 2006 and 2007 when one of its two leaders, brothers Osiel and Antonio Esequiel Cardenas Guillen, had differences that sparked a quarrel. The Escorpiones were created to confront Los Zetas and acted as Antonio’s security corps.

Oscar Balmen: The Escorpiones have their own poisonous, stealthy, nocturnal explanations. In fact one of the qualities that Tony Tormenta liked most about the name Escorpiones is that they are nocturnal animals that sleep during the day and operate at night. Which became a very strong modus operandi of their group.

Female Reporter: With his death in 2010 it was thought that the criminal group had been weakened. But in all actuality it was left under the command of the former police director of Madero, Tamaulipas Lazaro Martinez who was also killed in 2015. It was until 2021 that Los Escorpiones were thought to have disappeared. 

However, in June of that year, together with another faction of the cartel, Los Ciclones, organized and perpetrated several attacks against the civilian population in order to heat up the plaza. The result of that violent day was 15 innocent civilians murdered and 4 criminals killed.

Among the most recent exhibitions and warnings of Los Escorpiones is a video recorded just in February in a place in Matamoros where 4 civilians related to drugs are interrogated on their knees. Where members of the faction condemn the purchase and sale of crystal meth and fentanyl.

Sicario: The Scorpion Group doesn’t permit the sale of crystal meth or fentanyl here at the border. Do you regret your actions?

All captives answer: yes sir!

Sicario: There will be no forgiveness for anyone who is selling or consuming crystal meth. 

Yours truly, Grupo Escorpión, armed wing of the Cartel del Golfo

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