Police Account of Alleged Attack on Newton Police Officer Disputed By Eyewitness

Juan Gonzalez, a 34-year-old accused of assaulting two Newton police officers while they were attempting to arrest him for domestic violence Saturday night, was held without bail during his Monday arraignment, Susannah Sudborough reports for Boston.com. The officers allege that Gonzalez became “assaultive” and attempted to reach for their guns. However, an eyewitness who is also Gonzalez’s roommate has provided video evidence that disputes the police’s version of events and suggests the officers used excessive force by outnumbering Gonzalez four to one at the start of the confrontation. Prosecutors read out Gonzalez’s 12-page criminal record during an arraignment which includes a conviction for domestic violence and several restraining orders. Newton Mayor Ruthanne Fuller has expressed support for the arresting officers but also says they are reviewing video evidence from the eyewitness. Gonzales will be held without bail until a dangerousness hearing on March 14.

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