Newly Proposed Indiana Jail Faces Continued Opposition

On Monday the Community Justice Response Committee for Monroe County met again to discuss plans for a new county jail, despite continued opposition from members of the public, Marissa Meador reports for Indiana Daily Student. The committee was initiated in May 2021 after reports had described poor conditions in the jail. A local advocacy group, Care Not Cages held a block party in front of the courthouse before the meeting to recognize Week Against Mass Incarceration, with Jauston Huerta from FOCUS Initiatives as a speaker. Huerta encouraged legislative action, such as Senate Bill 1 to prevent people facing mental health crises from panicking and exacerbating their situation. During public comment at the meeting, several members of Bloomington City expressed opposing views regarding a new county jail. Bloomington City Clerk Nicole Bolden, who is also the president of the Monroe County Black Democratic Caucus, noted how two people of color on CJRC were treated disrespectfully.

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